Pat de Whalley at the radio desk

Pat de Whalley at the desk












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The photo shows Radio WM presenter, Pat de Whalley in one of the radio studios, adjusting the faders. You can see the carts just behind Pat; these would probably have held jingles and sig tunes etc.

Thanks to Pat for sharing the photo.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Mark Jones: ‘It’s circa 1989/1990.. Pat moving onto afternoons at about that time. Carts for the fab WM jingles, trails and music beds.’

Andy Waters: ‘We had carts until 2001. WM Area 4’s Sonifex cart machine stack and carts as removed from the building are in a display case in the Mailbox open space along with a Uher portable reel to ree. Other items in shot are a BBC Designs Department Mk3 broadcast desk, Telecaster phone in system and a Technics SP10 gram. There are still stations using BBC Mk3 studios even though some are over 30 years old.’

Richard Uridge: ‘The cart (short for cartridge) was king. They held jingles, promos and signature tunes certainly. But we also used them for news clips. The “advantage” was that they were supposed to start instantly so no need for pre-roll of three seconds as with reel-to-reel but they quickly became obsolete (just like every other technology). When was this Pat?’

Pat de Whalley: ‘Hi Richard I think this picture was taken between 1991/92.’

Viv Ellis: ‘Mid ’80s on they had Public Service Announcements etc

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