Good Morning with Anne and Nick 1996

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This photos is of the ‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’ production team in 1996, around the end of the series.

The photo includes: Sarah Jayne Phillips, vision mixer (pink top), Sue Robinson, director (black top, glasses), Marco, floor manager behind Sue R. Sue Watson, researcher (white jacket over black top), Steph Silk, Editor Daytime, (seated, black jacket), Jo Gray, PA (seated on floor, black top), Jane Lomas, Producer (seated on floor, grey waistcoat), Sue Walton, AP (black top, behind Jane Lomas), Natasha Wood, PA (turquoise top, next to Sue), Katie Wright, Deputy Editor Good Morning (pink suit), Tessa Finch, Editor Good Morning (black suit, next to Katie), Guy, Producer, Rosemary Edwards, Producer (blonde hair, black top, rt handside), Jen Phillips, AP (dark hair, stripey top next to Rosemary). Back row right handside, Jane McLean, PA (blue top), Merrick Simmonds, director (black jumper next to Jane), Sharon Fisher, researcher, (white shirt, next to Merrick).  Back row left handside, Derek Hallworth, director.  Central – Jackie Deitrich, Producer (blue jumper, glass raised), next to Jackie, Julie Tanner, AP, next to her, Jean (can’t remember surname) who was in charge of finances (pink jacket).

Thanks to Jane McLean for making the photo available.

6 comments on “Good Morning with Anne and Nick 1996
  1. Thanks for that Andy. Can you remember Marco’s surname – I can’t!

    Best wishes


  2. Think Marcos surname is “De Georgio” or similar….I have probably misspelled it?

  3. Hi Jean, good to hear from you, and I’m glad you’ve found this site – and yes, I remember you as aunty Jean! If you have any photos etc that you’d be happy to share on the site, then please let me know. You can contact me at

    Best wishes


  4. That’s me behind Aunty Jean 🙂

    I can’t believe it’s 20 years since this picture was taken. Such a great team!

    I’m now working for Warner Bros in Los Angeles, USA.


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