Hilda Lessways 1959

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Thanks to costume designer, Joyce Hawkins, for making this photograph of Judi Dench, playing Hilda Lessways, in the eponymous role, in the 1959 studio drama, from Gosta Green, available. Hilda Lessways was a six part adaptation of Arnold Bennett’s novel, ‘Clayhanger’. It was produced by Peter Dews, dramatised by Michael Voysey, and designed by Margaret Peacock. Note that Violet Carson, who went on to become Ena Sharples in Coronation Street, played the character, Auntie Hamps.

Below is the entry from the Radio Times, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:



A serial in six parts.
Based on ‘Clayhanger’ and ‘Hilda Lessways’ by Arnold Bennett.
Dramatised by Michael Voysey.

[Starring] Judi Dench, William Squire
With Brian Smith, Violet Carson
From the BBC’s Midland television studio


Author: Arnold Bennett
Dramatised by: Michael Voysey
Producer: Peter Dews
Designer: Margaret Peacock

Hilda Lessways: Judi Dench
Mrs Lessways: Beatrice Varley
Mrs Grant: Alison Bayley
Clerk: Philip Garston-Jones
George Cannon: William Squire
Florrie Bagster: Jacqueline Wilson
Janet Orgreave: Miranda Connell
Sarah Galley: Nancie Jackson
Mr Karkeek: David Lytton
Edwin Clayhanger: Brian Smith
Auntie Hamps: Violet Carson
Maggie Clayhanger: Eileen Atkins
Darius Clayhanger: Chris Gittins
Post Boy: Paul Taylor







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