Lynda Kettle talks about Howards Way in Hampshire Life

Production designer, Lynda Kettle, gave an interview to Hampshire Life for the January 2017 edition, about her work on the 1980’s drama series, Howards’ Way. Here is an excerpt from the article:

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Storyboard of the Xandu

Photos from Lynda Kettle of the Xandau scenes

Photo from Lynda Kettle of the Xanadu tank sequence






















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  1. I was the DOP for this shoot and it was one that presented me with one of the most major challenges in my career but also gave great satisfaction. If my memory serves me right the script simply read our hero falls overboard in a storm. Ideas were thrown about even thinking we could shoot in the Solent. Rough seas, water, big waves are not a good mix for filming, both director and I said no! Poor Lynda picked up the tab. We would shoot at night over two days in a large specifically made outdoor tank (the same one that was used to make the Titanic film) a place where I could control lights, depth of water and waves. Lynda produced a wonderful two thirds size yacht made out of plywood that rested on oil cans which you couldn’t see and sturdy enough to withstand not only crew and artists but everything else I could throw at it which included wind, rough seas, waves and water. When I have been asked to give talks I often use this sequence, because the outcome was so good and I defy anyone seeing it for the first time would have any idea how it was shot. I then have to explain, which I do, which includes the standing around for hours at night in water and wind up to your eyebrows. What a great life.

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