Macbeth on the Estate – TX card

Macbeth TX card Macbeth TX Card JR























Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider, for making this transmission card available.

Macbeth on the Estate¬†was recorded on the Ladywood Estate, in Birmingham. The modern day adaptation of Shakespeare’s play went out on BBC 2 in 1997.¬†The film was adapted and directed by Penny Woolcock, produced by Alison Gilby, with executive producer, Julian Murphy. Graham Smith did the photography; John Dinwoodie, the editing; with music by David Wilson. John Ellis was the production designer.

The film starred: James Frain, Susan Vidler, David Harewood, Andrew Tiernan, Jo Dow, and Ray Winstone.


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  1. I was first AD. Penny Woolcock (director) had kidney stones and I had to direct for a day. Look where it got me. Oh and Ray Winstone thumped a guest in the unit hotel and Thea Harvey had to smooth things over with the Old Bill and the Hotel so no one pressed charges! Those were the days!

  2. Oh yes, I remember Ray Winstone! This was a rather sombre production and Peter Lloyd and I were in the production office based in a Ladywood school near the estate – we sang a lot as I recall! I have a cast/crew photograph with everyone looking very grim indeed! Strangely, I keep bumping into Basil (one of our actors from the Ladywood estate) who is now working at the Mailbox – where I am based for the time being doing another drama – without Ray Winstone (I think!) Does anyone know what happened to Alison Gilbey (producer) I never heard of her after this.

  3. Hi Thea

    Thanks for adding this comment. If you’d be prepared to share the cast/crew photo you have of this production, to put on the website, that would be great. If you are happy to do this, then please email me:

    Best wishes


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