On The House – photos from Annie Gumbley

Front door of the ‘On The House’ house

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On The House was a popular DIY magazine programme which went out on Friday evenings on BBC 2 in the late 1980s.

It spawned a whole host of other DIY series in both the daytime and primetime schedules.

The actual house was a timber framed, brick clad house which was erected in the grounds of BBC Pebble Mill behind the main office block.  There was an excellent time-lapse sequence of the house being erected.  The house operated as a television studio, and was set up so that it was easy to shoot in.  You also had to remember not to use the toilet – as it wasn’t connected to any sewage pipes!

The show was the brainchild of producer Andy Meikle with Steph Silk the series producer.

The show was presented by Harry Greene (father of Sarah Greene), Rick Ball and Pattie Coldwell.

Pattie Caldwell, Harry Greene, Rick Ball
5 comments on “On The House – photos from Annie Gumbley
  1. that was the trick my dad used to film the ‘Golden Oldies Show’ I think, he did a Status Quo number

  2. Hi Vanessa, the trycycle Andy used for his film to be included in Golden Oldie Picture Show. The song he was doing was “Down, Down” by Status Quo and we shot it at Tatton Park. The story was about a load of rockers fighting over a girl in a hay rick!
    Andy actually drove the bike up and down the M6.


  3. Hi all just looking a the web site, and yes i worked on the Houes too in my Rigging days, and it was nice too see a photo of Andy.I am now a camera operator still in OBS

  4. Hi Gail, thanks for that information – I’ll make Andy on the Tricycle into a separate Golden Oldie post.

  5. My cutting room overlooked the house, and all its filming could be seen from a good vantage point, particularly with the addition of the trellis gardens later on. I remember the auction of its bits at the demise of pebble mill! I got one of the garden table and bench plus planters. I think I may even have a photo from the cutting room, probably a print!

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