Pebble Mill at One meeting – Mark Kershaw

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The photo is of a production meeting for Pebble Mill at One, circa 1982ish.  Left to right the photo shows me (Mark Kershaw), researcher Jane Marriott (now Jane Clement), producer Stephanie Silk, presenters Marian Foster and Donny Macleod, Nicky Barfoot, probably Peta Newbold, and Peter Hercombe perched on the edge, then probably David Weir and Sue Ashcroft.

Pebble Mill at One production meeting

2 comments on “Pebble Mill at One meeting – Mark Kershaw
  1. I remember a meeting (in Steve’s office) when we were all chattering away and then, on the TV in the corner – we watched as Challenger crashed

  2. Yes, that is definitely Sue Ashcroft in the bottom left. I recognise her by her hands and rings, because that’s my Mum!
    Chris Rushton

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