Patrick Flavelle filming 1989 – photo by Gail Herbert

Photo by Gail Herbert, no reproduction without permission.

This photo from 1989 is of Patrick Flavelle, on the left, (with the clipboard), directing on ‘Countryfile’. ¬†The man with the rabbit is presenter Roger Tabor.

Patrick adds the following comment:

‘It was for a piece called ‘What’s British?’ about common animals and plants that you might imagine were native to Britain. Rabbits,not, Horse Chestnut, not etc Roger Tabor presenting and shot at Packington Estate who were really helpful. No¬†facility fee as long as we didn’t say where we were. Very unlike the National Trust!
Nigel Davey on camera I think and my first solo shoot as Director. Clipboard, bouffant hair and pretending I know what I’m doing.’

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