Pebble Mill at One: A Song for Xmas – Mark Kershaw

Song for Xmas team

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A Song for Christmas was an annual event in the Pebble Mill at One calendar.  It was a carol competition for different children’s choirs.

The photo was taken just after recording in the Courtyard probably in 1986.  The photo features (ones I recognise, L to R) Peter Knowles (sound) & Dave Brazier (floor manager) kneeling, Norman Steemson in the green at the back, Ewan Keil (demin jacket), Beverley Wildman (AP) under all the snow!, John Wescott behind, me (Mark Kershaw – director) leaning on snowman, Aled Jones behind, a young Phillip Schofield, Caroline Marshall right at the back, next to Phillip is Geoff Nawn (designer), Derek Hallworth behind, Dave Farline, James French (cameraman) behind him.

Mark Kershaw


3 comments on “Pebble Mill at One: A Song for Xmas – Mark Kershaw
  1. I have fond memories of watching the Song for Christmas from the old Radio WM studios which overlooked the quadrangle where it was recorded , usually covered at that time of year by the infamous weather proof roof. One year we witnessed the spectacle of the scene team spraying the trees and plants with artificial snow whilst outside REAL snow was falling!
    At other times of the year the same plants had to be hand watered even when the rain was teeming down outside the rollover roof.

  2. Hi Vanessa, recognised a few faces in this photo. Thats Peter Knowles kneeling beside Dave Brazier, Ewan Keil behind the snowman,Dave Farline next to James French and Mark next to Geoff Nawn.Great photo.

  3. What a great picture. Is it this year that a very young Gary Barlow was one of the contestants? I’m standing behind Aled with a great big smile on my face.

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