The Chequered Flag brochure – also known as ‘The Power and the Glory’

‘The Chequered Flag’  (transmitted in the UK under the title ‘The Power and the Glory’) was an eight part documentary series about the history of motor sport, produced at Pebble Mill, with John Gau productions.  This brochure was probably produced to promote its being sold internationally (since the title is different from the UK broadcast title).  The series went out in 1991.  Thanks to Maggie Humphries from the Film Unit for making the brochure available, and to Alan Duxbury for supplying more information.

Please add a comment if you worked on the series or can add more information about it.

The Chequered Flag brochure cover

4 comments on “The Chequered Flag brochure – also known as ‘The Power and the Glory’
  1. My recollection is that it was transmitted as ‘The Power and The Glory’ around 1991. I filmed late in the series with Nigel Davey at the Prescott Hill Climb near Cheltenham and again with the Williams F1 team at the Imola in Italy.

  2. Thanks for that Alan. The change of title would explain why I couldn’t find other references to it – so do you think that this brochure was produced for international sales?


  3. I worked on the dubs for this series with, I think, Ben and Dave… or it could have been Tim. It was shot on film and produced in 1991. I still have a copy of the BBC book, written by Ivan Rendall which accompanied the series. ISBN 0-563-36093-3.

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