‘This is History Gran’

This is History Gran TX Card

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This is History Gran was produced by Chris Parr at Pebble Mill, and went out in 1986 on BBC 1.  It was written by Robert Holman, directed by Sarah Pia Anderson; John Kenway was the director of photography.

The drama tells the story of Lord Edward Langbaurgh who makes a shocking discovery while taking a stroll in the grounds of his country home, which affects the Chapman family of a nearby town. Christopher Chapman decides to investigate.http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/407698

The film stars Elizabeth Bradley, David Calder, Matyelok Gibbs, Peter Howell, Paul Jesson, Gina McKee, Mark Rylance and Martin Walker.

Thanks to Maggie Humphries from Film Unit for looking after this photograph and the TX Card.

This is History Gran

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