Three Degrees on Pebble Mill at One

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Here is a still of the American female vocal group, The Three Degrees performing on ‘Pebble Mill at One’ in the Foyer (Studio C).  The line up of The Three Degrees changed over the years; they originally formed in 1963.

It probably dates from the early 1980s.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook:

Tracy Crump:’ yep got the signed scripts from that one’.

Keith Brook: ‘I vision mixed that item. We pre-recorded three tunes and I still have the video!! John Couzens and Jim Gray were two of the cameramen. BTW, it wasn’t called Studio C at that point.

It wasn’t until it got it’s own gallery was it called Studio C. Before that we used Studio B cameras and gallery Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Studio A cameras/gallery were used Tuesday and Friday. This was because Wednesday and Thursday were drama days in A, and Friday had the Asian programme in B.’
2 comments on “Three Degrees on Pebble Mill at One
  1. WOW, This is awesome!!! – As we have a lot of Three Degrees fans, please can you upload the videos from these performances?

    BTW, next year, 2013, the ladies will be 50 years in music business! In this still, there are still 2 of the original members: Helen Scott & Valerie Holiday – third member is Freddie Pool, who replaced Cynthia Garrison after a career of 20 years (due to health problems she had to leave the group).
    Always going strong – AND PLEASE, if you love this awesome trio then enjoy our facebook Group (look website link).

    Thank you, Gino

  2. Hi Gino

    Glad you enjoyed the stills. Unfortunately posting up the video would breach the BBC copyright, and so is a problem -sorry!

    Thanks for identifying the girls.

    Best wishes


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