Vote for Them – Regal Cinema, Tenbury Wells

Vote for Them, Regal Cinema, Tenbury,Roy Thompson

Vote for Them, Regal, Tenbury Wells, Roy Thompson





















Photos by Roy Thompson, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are from the 1989 three part serial: Vote for Them. They were taken at the Regal Cinema in Tenbury Wells, which stood in for an Egyptian cinema. Roy Thompson took these location photos whilst on attachment at Pebble Mill, from Wood Norton. A 5am make up call at Pebble Mill was necessary!

The cameraman in the top photo is Dave Doogood, with Simon Tooley in the striped top.

One comment on “Vote for Them – Regal Cinema, Tenbury Wells
  1. Top picture shows Dave Doogood (my old camera supervisor) operating the camera, with Simon Tooley in the striped top alongside. I think it’s an Ikegami camera with a triax cable adaptor, with the output being recorded either in a van outside or onto a portable,(although enormous),videotape recorder. I worked on the studio bits of this drama and enjoyed it a lot.

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