Working in Television – David Weir

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Directors: Chris Wright, David Weir, Mark Kershaw, from Tom O’Connor Roadshow


































This is an excerpt from an interview with David Weir, from a book called Working in Television written in 1980 by Jan Leeming, who worked at Pebble Mill for a time. The aim was to encourage young people to think about careers in television. David went on to become a successful multi-camera director.

Thanks to Jonathan Dick for sharing the photo, who has sadly died since sharing the excerpts.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Gordon Astley: ‘I first met David in the ‘60s when he came into my dad’s petrol station In Hall Green . As I filled up his sports car we got chatting and he told me about the T.O. Course at Wood Norton. That was the start of my 40 year broadcasting career. We met a few times over the years and I only once committed the cardinal sin of calling him ‘Dave’.’

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