Pebble Mill Editorials 1990-91

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Here are the cover and contents sheet of the Pebble Mill Editorials from 1990-1. This is a list of programme ideas being offered to the BBC2 commissioners in London, some of which were produced, and others of which weren’t.

Thanks to Mary Gregory for sharing the list.

Great Expectations – Pip

Photos by Albert Sheard, no reproduction without permission

Photos from the 1981 serial of Great Expectations. The drama was recorded in Studio A. Pip, was played by Gerry Sundquist.

The producer was Barry Letts and the director, Julian Amyes.

Vanity Fair location, Sidmouth



















Photos by Chris Glover, no reproduction without permission. These photos are from the 1987 drama serial, Vanity Fair. They were taken in Sidmouth, which was standing in for Brighton. In the second photo is ‘Amelia’ (Rebecca Saire) (L) talking to ‘Dobbin’ (Simon Dormandy). Chris’s wife Wendy Bradfield made this and other costumes for Rebecca.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Dave Bushell: ‘On the recce the director and EM (John Abbott) had identified a stretch of concrete hard standing where the beach met the promenade on which to lay a camera track. When we arrived the day before the shoot it had disappeared under heavy shingle. John then organised a caterpillar tracked bulldozer to travel overnight along the road from Exeter. The noise as it came along the prom in the early hours of the morning woke the whole seafront.’

Brian Glover on Shakespeare or Bust

Photo by Graham Pettifer, no reproduction without permission













Gwen Arthy, make-up artist preparing actor, Brian Glover, on location for Shakespeare or Bust, at Gas St Basin, Birmingham. The play was written by Peter Terson, with Tara Prem the script editor. Tara went on to marry Brian Glover. It was produced at Pebble Mill and transmitted in January 1973.

Thanks to Graham Pettifer for sharing the photo.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Susan Astle: ‘I was Make up assistant on this, probably my first filming! Great cast.’

Kathryn Ayerst

Kathryn Steventon ( nee AYERST ), former Costume Designer, died peacefully at home, August 22 2018, after a long illness. She was a wonderful friend and much loved ex- colleague to many at Pebble Mill. She started her career at Television Centre and moved to BBC Pebble Mill in the late 1970s. Kathryn was the costume designer on dramas including Dead Head and Rachel and the Roarettes.

Thanks to Janice Rider for sharing this sad news.