Pebble Mill at One – Michael Smith











Photo by Eurwyn Jones, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of a rehearsal of a Michael Smith cookery item for ‘Pebble Mill at One’ circa 1981.  Michael is in the white jumper, behind the worktop.

The cameraman on the left is probably Alan Duxbury, camera 2 might be Doug Smith, floor manger in the foreground in Eurwyn Jones.  In the audience seating it could be producer, Pam Creed and producer and director, John Smith.

Thanks to everyone who has identified the people in this photo.  If you can identify anyone else, please leave a comment.

Alan Duxbury on horseback – Paul Taylor

Photo from Paul Taylor, no reproduction without permission.

I really can’t remember too much about the programme. I seem to think ‘The Long Ride’ was on the schedule, we followed two riders from the coast across the Kintyre Peninsular. Alan rode backwards at times when leading our contibutors…. I chose to walk alongside (eyelines don’t matter so much for sound !)

Paul Taylor (sound recordist)

(The photo from the mid 1990s is of cameraman Alan Duxbury, shooting on location in Scotland)

End of Gardeners’ World Party 1991 – photos by Gail Herbert

Photographs by Gail Herbert no reproduction without permission.

These photos were taken at the end of ‘Gardeners’ World’ party 1991.  This was when ‘Gardeners’ World’ stopped being made in-house at Pebble Mill, and became an independent production, made by Catalyst Television. Ten years later the contract returned to BBC Birmingham.

The first photo includes left to right: Steph Silk (editor), Vanessa Jackson (researcher), Sophie Marsh (production secretary), Patti Evans (PA), Chris Hardman (PA).

The second photo includes Annette Martin (director), Alan Duxbury (cameraman).

The Chequered Flag brochure – also known as ‘The Power and the Glory’

‘The Chequered Flag’  (transmitted in the UK under the title ‘The Power and the Glory’) was an eight part documentary series about the history of motor sport, produced at Pebble Mill, with John Gau productions.  This brochure was probably produced to promote its being sold internationally (since the title is different from the UK broadcast title).  The series went out in 1991.  Thanks to Maggie Humphries from the Film Unit for making the brochure available, and to Alan Duxbury for supplying more information.

Please add a comment if you worked on the series or can add more information about it.

The Chequered Flag brochure cover