John Jeavons lighting the Foyer or Studio B

John Jeavons photo from KB

Photo from Keith Brook, no reproduction without permission

Photo from Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission

Photo from Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission













The photo is of John Jeavons lighting either Studio B or the foyer.

Jeavons was relegated to working those two places because of an incident at a meeting Sidey had called.

Every department was there to discuss the viability of a simple little TV programme to be made in the foyer. As Sidey went through each section he was greeted with ‘Crazy, but we’ll give it a go’. Finally it got to Tech Ops, who said it was impossible to light, ceiling too low, not enough manpower, far too difficult, yada, yada, yada.

Good old Jeavons stood up and said if we remove the ceiling tiles we’ll have enough room and he’ll only need two sparks who can also do Midlands Today and stay within hours.

That slightly upset Head of Tech Ops, and not being the vindictive type at all, made sure that Jeavons only did those two shows.

Incidentally, he’s using a Weston Master V, the best exposure meter ever made. Which makes him a great lighter!! There’s a load of complicated stuff for still photography but in the TV world, these meters were used to maintain a consistency of light level. To that end, we only used the top window with the needle and tried to keep everything the same.

Keith Brook (Aka Scouse)

Keith Salmon on Children in Need












Photo by Sue Robinson, no reproduction without permission.

The photo shows cameraman, Keith Salmon, and camera, dressed up for a ‘Children in Need’ evening show, from the Studio C, Foyer, with pledge call takers in the background, circa 1991.

Children in Need Evening Show briefing












Copyright, Sue Robinson, no reproduction without permission.

Merrick carries out the director’s briefing for the evening show for ‘Children in Need’ in the Studio C, foyer.

Left to right: Louise Willcox ? seated, James French, Dave Farline, Wilf Welch, Dave Brazier, Sue Beardsmore presenter, Merrick Simmonds dir, Roz Gower prod, Simon Bates presenter, Toyah Willcox presenter.

Three Degrees on Pebble Mill at One

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Here is a still of the American female vocal group, The Three Degrees performing on ‘Pebble Mill at One’ in the Foyer (Studio C).  The line up of The Three Degrees changed over the years; they originally formed in 1963.

It probably dates from the early 1980s.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook:

Tracy Crump:’ yep got the signed scripts from that one’.

Keith Brook: ‘I vision mixed that item. We pre-recorded three tunes and I still have the video!! John Couzens and Jim Gray were two of the cameramen. BTW, it wasn’t called Studio C at that point.

It wasn’t until it got it’s own gallery was it called Studio C. Before that we used Studio B cameras and gallery Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Studio A cameras/gallery were used Tuesday and Friday. This was because Wednesday and Thursday were drama days in A, and Friday had the Asian programme in B.’