Pudsey at the Club – Marie Phillips

Photos by Marie Phillips, no reproduction without permission.

These photos were taken on the football pitch at the back of the Pebble Mill Club.  It looks like Pudsey was involved, so there was obviously a Children in Need connection.


Prince Charles’ visit to Pebble Mill

Prince Charles visited Pebble Mill at some point in the mid 1980s.  Here are a couple of memories from staff who remember the visit.

Tracy Crump, ‘I remember Charles coming. I worked in the kitchens. Eileen Bywater was my boss.  I remember having to make chilled watercress soup.’

Marie Phillips, ‘I remember Prince Charles coming to Pebble Mill. Staff were gathered in the Foyer and a voice piped up – “Did yer use yer soap Sir?” A startled Prince said “Er, yes I did”. “Oh good, cos I’ve got it” replied Joycie Kite, who many will remember as a real character among Pebble Mill’s own Band of Cleaners before Contractors came in.’

Princess Diana – Children in Need

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Thanks to Marie Phillips for making the photo available.

The photo is of Princess Diana, at a Children in Need charity event, meeting CIN co-ordinator, Marie Phillips.

Marie remembers, ‘It was 31st October 1995. Princess Diana was Patron of the Foundation for Conductive Education, based in Cannon Hill Park. Children in Need regularly gave them funding to help with their unique and important work with children with celebral palsy. She came to officially open Phase One of the project. She was delightful and chatted for what seemed ages and I always remember the bright clear blue of her eyes. A day I will never forget.’

The Morning on One

Thanks to Marie Phillips for making this available.

This bone china tea cup was made to celebrate ‘The Morning on One’.  It dates from the early 1990s, when BBC Pebble Mill ran the morning schedule on BBC 1. The presentation was run by Ross King, and Lydia Thomas, and linked the two big large live shows: ‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’ and ‘Pebble Mill’.

Midlands News 1992

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

These pages are taken from the Midlands News 1992 (regional internal BBC newsletter).

This two page spread is about the expansion of Pebble Mill’s, Radio 2, Popular Music Department.  Also included is how Pebble Mill’s Radio 3, Serious Music Department, has escaped the cut backs faced by other departments in the regions.

Thanks to Marie Phillips for making this newsletter available.