‘Kinsey’, ‘Witchcraft’, ‘Olly’s Prison’, ‘Dead Romantic’

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This copy of the BBC internal newletter – ‘Midlands News’ from 1992 makes mention of the successful second series of ‘Kinsey’ produced by Carol Parks, and looks forward to the transmission of ‘Witchcraft’.  ‘Witchcraft’ was written by Nigel Williams.  Both productions were had Barry Hanson as executive producer. ‘Olly’s Prison’ and ‘Dead Romantic’ are also mentioned.

Thanks to Marie Phillips for making this copy of ‘Midlands News’ available.

Pebble Mill flood – photos by Marie Phillips











Photo by Marie Phillips, no reproduction without permission.

In summer 1987 a massive water pipe ruptured in Selly Park and flooded the playing field, BBC Club, front car park and part of the Pershore Road.

The Club was out of action for several months, whilst the building dried out.  The Club transferred back to the 2nd floor of the Pebble Mill office block whilst the refurbishment took place.

The photo shows the flooded playing fields, with the Club building visible in the bottom left hand corner, and the Pershore Road behind.  It was taken from the main office block.