The Ritz – TX Card

The Ritz TX Card












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Thanks to costume designer, Janice Rider, for sharing this transmission card for the 1987, 6 part comedy series – The Ritz,  set in a Northern disco.

The series was written by John Godber, and was based on his theatre play, Bouncers.

Martin Shardlow was the director, Chris Parr the producer. The series featured Richard James Lewis, Paul Rider, Andre Dunn, Andrew Livingstone and Richard Ridings.

The series was well received, and a sequel: The Continental, followed.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Dawn Hudson: ‘I remember Robin Midgley Asking me to read the script I was really nervous but I laughed and thought it was great. However when I watched it I was disappointed.’

Mary Sanchez: ‘I was secretary to Chris Parr at the time and remember typing up these scripts (yes on a typewriter – before computers!) It was shot in Liberty’s nightclub on the Hagley Road . It had a great cast – a real laugh , starring Mark Addy who’s a big name now!’


Children in Need

Marie Phillips_0005Marie Phillips_0004






















Photos from Marie Phillips, no reproduction without permission. Marie Phillips was the Midlands Children in Need organiser at this time.

Here are a couple of photos of the Children in Need fund raising trailer, at Pebble Mill on Children in Need night. The vehicle would tend to be parked at the front of the building, attracting as many visitors as possible, for the regional broadcasts.

The lower photo is from 1990, and includes: Melissa from the Press Office, Pauline Logan from the Press Office who sadly died at a young age a few years ago, Marie Phillips,  Jeanette Read who was Barry Smith’s Secretary and when she retired, worked for Marie for a couple of days a week. It used to be so manic at Appeal Time that Marie and Jeanette became known as Stan and Ollie which they still call each other to this day.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Marie Phillips: ‘Appeal Nights were such fun and a wonderful opportunity to meet fundraisers as well as funded groups. CIN was my life for nine happy and fulfilling years. My “real” job was administering the Midlands and East donations once grants had been allocated by our dedicated Appeals Committee and making sure that the money raised by the public was used effectively and properly. I had amazing support from so many people at Pebble Mill who never turned down my frequent begging requests for help with events and merchandise sales (£100,000+) and visits to funded projects. Yes, Jean, Great times and the best times.’

Siobhan Maher Kennedy: ‘I got a big break from CIN night ..I think 1986 or 87 I was allowed to present some of the BBC Midlands sections as i was a researcher on a 6 month contract for Mike Fitz and we went live on national tv for one and I got a job at CBBC in London to be a presenter in children’s pres.Oh but that’s a very long run on sentence…I never do that on Telly lol!’

Ruth Kiosses: ‘Loved CIN parties on the front of PM. Busiest week of the year for wardrobe, costume vans galore arriving from Wales Farm Road In London. Always great fun though.’

Jean Palmer: ‘Loved CIN at Pebble Mill raised lots of money in the club Sue Lowe, Angie and myself doing a turn on the stage. the best one was our take on the three degrees. great night. great times.’

Peter Poole: ‘Pebble Mill always put on a great show. I remember the funfair on the front lawn. This attracted a large crowd. Plenty of money for CIN and great PR for the BBC. Many viewers told me the Pebble Mill opt-out was the best bit. The BBC needs good PR these days. Such a shame that Birmingham no longer does a CIN opt-out like the old days.’

Mary Sanchez: ‘I worked on many CIN s at PM – what epics! Front /back lawns – fire engines / helicopters landing on field by bar ….sooooo busy, brilliant – must dig out some photos – I have one somewhere of all floor staff in space outfits …(?!)’

Patrick Flavelle: ‘My first gig at Pebble Mill – supporting David Nelson, a cracking producer. Met some celebs and tasted live telly for the first time….happy days!’

Children in Need – Simon Bates

Simon Bates, Jane Green JG Marco di Giorgo, Jane Green, Mary Sanchez, Dave Brazier JG























Photos from Jane Green, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are from a Children in Need evening, with Radio 1 D.J., Simon Bates presenting. He is next to Jane Green on the bridge outside the Foyer in the first photo. The second photo is of the floor managing team: Marco Di Giorgio, Jane Green, Mary Sanchez, Dave Brazier.

Eddy Grant at Pebble Mill

Mary Sanchez, Eddy Grant, Jane Green JG











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The photo includes Mary Sanchez (AFM), Eddy Grant and Jane Green (AFM). Eddy Grant came in to Pebble Mill to sing his hit ‘Gimme Hope Jo’anna’ circa 1988.

Apparently, Eddy had just told them a very rude and funny joke!

The Ritz – Janice Rider

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Specially shot video with costume designer, Janice Rider talking about the 1987 Pebble Mill drama series: ‘The Ritz’.

The series was written by John Godber, who along with Martin Shardlow, directed it.  It was produced by Chris Parr. The comedy drama was set in a newly acquired nightclub in the North of England.  It was based on the play, ‘Bouncers’, by John Godber.

The series starrred Richard James Lewis, Paul Rider, Andre Dunn, Andrew Livingstone, and Richard Ridings.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page about ‘The Ritz’:

Mary Sanchez: ‘I was secretary to Chris Parr at the time and went along to Libertys nightclub to watch some of the filming. ( my first time on a film set) Mark Addy also starred in it who as you know is v well known now and also andrew dunn . A fun production to be involved in!’

Terry Powell: ‘I loved this show one of the best things I worked on we were such a happy team.’