Lis Walker’s leaving do – Pebble Mill at One

Lis Walker's leaving do

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Thanks to Jane Mclean for making the photo available, and identifying everyone!

This photo is of Lis Walker’s leaving do from ‘Pebble Mill at One’.

The following people are included in the photo, L-R: John Smith, Peter Seabrook, Judy Hill, Clara Hewitt, Angela (secretary – can’t remember surname), Carol (ditto), Steve Weddle, Dave Williams, Maggie Walne in checked top, Jane Clement, Clare Stride, Richard Pearson, Fran Groves behind Pat Holmes, Trudy Stanton, Tony Wolfe in red, Pam Creed. Front: Jim Dumighan, Marian Foster, Peter Hercombe, Jane Mclean, Jonathan Fulford, Ellie Lacey, Tony Rayner, Mary Clyne and Annie Morris behind Ellie.


Pebble Mill at One – photos from Jane McLean

Photos from Jane McLean, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are from Maggie Walne’s (nee Kidger) leaving party, from ‘Pebble Mill at One’.  It looks as if the party was held in the Pebble Mill Bar.

Back L-R: Carol Morgan and Judy Hill’s husband (Roy Winston); Maggie Walne with arm around Dave Williams. Steve Weddle at back. Clare Stride in front of him. John Stride with beard. It is Mick Murphy in the dicky bow. Sitting L-R: David Walker (Lis’s husband), Annie Morris, Judy Hill, Yvonne Ackrill, me (Jane McLean) in dungarees, Ellie’s boyfriend, Ellie Lacey, friend of Maggie (Cynthia), Pam Creed. Lis Walker on floor.

In the second photo are Donny McLeod, Jim Dumighan, Peter Hercombe, Bob Langley.

The Last Pebble Mill at One – photo from Mark Kershaw

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This photo was taken just after the last ever ‘Pebble Mill at One’ on 23 May 1986.  In fact you can just see the last few members of the audience leaving on the left hand side of the photo.

Included in the photo are:

Back row: Michael Smith (celebrity chef), David Lancaster (glasses), Caroline Marshall, Steve Weddle.

Next to back: Julian Hitchcock (with pink balloon), Chris Wright, Roger Sutton (just behind the others), possibly Barrie Edgar peeking out behind, Tony Rayner, Peter Urie, Peter Hercombe, Claire Chambers, Norma Scott, Mary Clyne, Mark Kershaw, Trudy Stanton, Steph Silk, Richard ?.

Third row from back:  Girl in red dress below Tony Rayner is Jacqui Goodwin, Fran Groves, Ann Varley, Di Reid (red dress), Margaret Allen (with belt), John Westcott (FM), Annie Gumbley Williams (standing purple dress)

Back seated row: Sue Ashcroft, Debbie Hood, Caroline Matthews, Denny Hodge , Paul Coia

Middle seated row: Gareth Williams, Jo Buchan, Magnus Magnusson, Marian Foster, Bob Langley, Bev Wildman (Thompson), David Weir

Fron row: Tom Ross (standing), Eileen Bayliss just behind Tom, Maggy Whitehouse, Jane Clement, Viv Ellis, Peta Newbold, Colette Foster (central short brown dress), Nicky Barfoot, Claire Stride, Jane McLean, Jo Dewar

Please add a comment if you can fill in any of the people not identified.

Thanks to Mark Kershaw for making the photograph available.





Pebble Mill at One meeting – Mark Kershaw

Copyright resides with the original photographer, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of a production meeting for Pebble Mill at One, circa 1982ish.  Left to right the photo shows me (Mark Kershaw), researcher Jane Marriott (now Jane Clement), producer Stephanie Silk, presenters Marian Foster and Donny Macleod, Nicky Barfoot, probably Peta Newbold, and Peter Hercombe perched on the edge, then probably David Weir and Sue Ashcroft.

Pebble Mill at One production meeting

Maharajas – TX card from Maggie Humphries

Maharajas TX card

Maharajas TX card from Maggie Humphries.

Maharajas was a two part documentary about the former Indian rulers, produced at Pebble Mill.  The first part, ‘Kings and Castles’, was transmitted on 13/8/87, with the second part, ‘Kings to Commoners’ going out the following night.

It was written by Charles Allen and directed by Jonathan Fulford, Peter Hercombe was the executive producer.  Keith Froggatt was one of the cameramen who worked on the film.  The documentary contained dramatised sequences. It starred actors: Simi Garewall and Jugal Hansraj.