Enterprising former BBC colleagues

Emma Clarke

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(This article is from the Bromsgrove Advertiser: http://www.bromsgroveadvertiser.co.uk/news/14321710.)

Five former staff from the BBC who were made redundant from the company, and moved on to try out new interests and careers are organising a spring market in Bournheath Village Hall to show off some of their wares.

Emma Clarke studied for a bachelor’s degree in Podiatric Medicine after leaving the BBC, and now has clinics all over Bromsgrove and the surrounding area. She plans on bringing some tempting treats for feet to the market, along with foot care advice.

Michelle Doidge moved on to run a business specialising in aloe vera health, nutrition and skin care products, while Ruth Barretto, who still works in television as a freelancer, also makes home-made cupcakes which she’ll be bringing along.

Lyn Flavell now runs ‘Lin’s Bakeaways’ a successful catering business, which supplies tea-shops, butchers and delicatessens in Worcestershire.

Finally ex-BBC producer, Veronica Butt, now runs her own cards and stationery business.

She said: “A number of former BBC staff have pursued other interests and careers since leaving the BBC including local Bromsgrove author, Sue Watson, as well as people becoming life coaches, running their own mobile spa, running an interior design business, a catering business and a wedding photography business – we even have a vicar.

“We hope that many more of us who are exploring new careers will be available for an event in the future so people can see that it’s never too late to try something new.”

Between them the five had more than 100 years of experience at the company before moving on to their new lives, and they will be showing f a range of products in Bournheath Village Hall in Claypit Lane on Sunday, March 20 from 2-4pm.

Entrance to the fair is free, and there will be free tea, coffee and biscuits on offer, as well as the chance to buy homemade pies, quiches, cupcakes; greetings cards, giftwrap, stationery; aloe vera health and beauty products and professional foot care emollients and ointments.


Network East production team

Network East production team, includes Dharmesh Rajput, Ruth Barretto, Alex Johnston, Jasmine Chandler, Janice Mezzetti

Network East production team, includes Dharmesh Rajput, Ruth Barretto, Alex Johnston, Jasmine Chandler, Janice Mezzetti

Photo from Ruth Barretto, no reproduction without permission.

The photo shows the production team from the Asian magazine show: Network East.

Trading Up in the Sun

Jo Kenyon, Colin McAllister, Justin Ryan, Sharon Fisher

Jo Kenyon, Colin McAllister, Justin Ryan, Sharon Fisher









The team bump in to Danny La Rue in a bar

The team bump in to Danny La Rue in a bar










Colin, Justin, Craig Phillips, ?, Tom Slee, ?

Colin, Justin, Craig Phillips, Robbie Williams, Tom Slee, ?










Justin with Sharon, Tom Slee in the background

Justin with Sharon, Tom Slee in the background










Justin, with Colin in the background

Justin, with Colin in the background












Photos from Joanne Kenyon, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are from the BBC1 Daytime production, Trading Up in the Sun circa 2002. The series was presented by interior designer duo, Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister, with Craig Phillips (the Big Brother winner), doing some of the DIY. These photos are from the first series, which was filmed in the Costa del Sol.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Ruth Barretto: “I was the PC on that production back at base . Wasn’t it the EL PInar hotel that you stayed in. Which you all renamed. Amanda Lowe was the SP! The good old days!”

Sheila Brown RIP

Sheila Brown sadly died on 14th April 2015, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Sheila started work as a secretary in Personnel, and then later in the Press Office and PR department, organising visitor tours of Pebble Mill.

Sheila is shown in the right of this photograph, which was taken at the Friday Night at the Mill party in 2004. The party which marked the closing of the Pebble Mill building, prior to its demolition in 2005.

Clara Hewitt, Janet Collins, Margaret Barton, Sheila Brown

Clara Hewitt, Janet Collins, Margaret Barton, Sheila Brown. Photo by Ruth Barretto, no reproduction without permission











The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Andy Bentley: ‘Remember Shiela well, she received an MBE if I remember right. Lovely Lady.’

Malcolm Hickman: ‘We used to take parties around the Mill, including parties of staff newly arrived at Bush House. Sheila used to organise the catering and for some inexplicable reason, there was always one or two bottles of red wine left over. A very sweet lady and an accomplished ballroom dancer in her younger days.’

Jane Ward: ‘Wasn’t she a keen ballroom dancer?’

Conal O’Donnell: ‘I remember Sheila very well- quite mischievous on her way & always good fun .I am sorry to learn of her passing.’

Julian Hitchcock: ‘What a lovely, funny soul she was: her very memory brings a warm smile to all who knew her. I do hope she enjoyed her later years.’

Tim Manning: ‘I’m so sorry to hear the news about Sheila; she was – as others have said – a lovely lady, and someone who cared deeply about Pebble Mill. And yes, Jane Ward, she was a very keen and skilled ballroom dancer; when I was directing a film for The Golden Oldie Picture Show, she loaned me all her trophies and lots of memorabilia.’

Marie Phillips: ‘Sheila was very kind to me when CIN was regarded as something of a misfit in the Press Office. Very very efficient. A well deserved MBE.’

Andy Caddick: ‘We used to have long chats on the No1 bus on the way to Pebble Mill. So sad, lovely lady.’

Angela Horsman request

The following request was sent on behalf of Angela Profit, nee Horsman, by Annie Gumbley-Williams. If you have memories of working with Angela, please either email Angela at the address below, or add a comment here, and I will pass your comments on to Angela. Please respond quickly, as time is of the essence here:

“Angela Profit, neé Horsman, who used to be David Bellinger’s PA, and assistant to Janet Brookes, is battling cancer for the second time.

Prospects are very challenging, and Angela has requested that she be sent testimonials to her life which, with the help of Margaret Rutter, she wishes to put together in the coming days.

Words cannot express how courageous Angela is being.  If you have anything you wish to say, please forward to the following address: angelaprofit@gmail.com


The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Lynn Cullimore: ‘I have emailed Angela but want to say here that as Janice says I always remember her always having a smile on her face, always a cheery word and always helpful when I went up to Contracts to sort something out. I am sure I join lots of others who are thinking of her and wishing her all the best. Lots of love to you Angela.’

Linda Flavell: ‘A lovely lady, always smiling through it all and always looks just gorgeous’

Helen Chetwynd: ‘I remember Angela as always looking glamorous. Bright and bubbly, a really gorgeous lady inside as well as out, always laughing, always with a smile on her face, even when she was ill. An inspiration.’

Ruth Barretto: ‘A lovely lady who worked across the corridor from me when I worked in contracts and me in finance. Gorgeous smile , rushing up and down the corridor. Even when she was going through her treatment she took time to speak to my friend Geeta to give her words of encouragement.’

Janice Mezzetti: ‘Things that come to mind when thinking of Angela – the smile, the twinkle in her eyes and her sense of humour. Wishing her peaceful and happy times surrounded by those she loves.’

Vanessa Jackson: ‘I remember making a leaving tape for Janet Brookes, when she was retiring, and I interviewed Angela about working with Janet. She told the story of Janet’s reprimands if staff were ever late, and not in by 9.30am – and having to rush up the stairs and try and sneak in without the lateness being spotted! I’ll have to search the loft and see if I still have the tape! ‘