Children in Need Evening Show briefing












Copyright, Sue Robinson, no reproduction without permission.

Merrick carries out the director’s briefing for the evening show for ‘Children in Need’ in the Studio C, foyer.

Left to right: Louise Willcox ? seated, James French, Dave Farline, Wilf Welch, Dave Brazier, Sue Beardsmore presenter, Merrick Simmonds dir, Roz Gower prod, Simon Bates presenter, Toyah Willcox presenter.

Three Degrees on Pebble Mill at One

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Here is a still of the American female vocal group, The Three Degrees performing on ‘Pebble Mill at One’ in the Foyer (Studio C).  The line up of The Three Degrees changed over the years; they originally formed in 1963.

It probably dates from the early 1980s.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook:

Tracy Crump:’ yep got the signed scripts from that one’.

Keith Brook: ‘I vision mixed that item. We pre-recorded three tunes and I still have the video!! John Couzens and Jim Gray were two of the cameramen. BTW, it wasn’t called Studio C at that point.

It wasn’t until it got it’s own gallery was it called Studio C. Before that we used Studio B cameras and gallery Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Studio A cameras/gallery were used Tuesday and Friday. This was because Wednesday and Thursday were drama days in A, and Friday had the Asian programme in B.’

Good Morning with Anne and Nick Office

Photos by Sue Robinson, no reproduction without permission.

Sue Robinson (studio director) took these photos in the ‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’ office.  The office was in a portacabin at the side of the building, near the radio studios, and Pebble Mill garden.  Pebble Mill was so full at the time that there was no available office space, and so the portacabins had to be bolted on the side.  ‘Good Morning’ was a live mid morning magazine show presented by Anne Diamond and Nick Owen.  It ran from 1992-6, and used Studio C, the foyer for the set.

The photos include reporter/presenter Will Hanrahan; head of newsdesk, Neil Morris; producer, Nick Thorogood; producer, Marjorie ?; assistant producer; Sue Walton; the practicals desk team; assistant producer, Shirley Thomas, Nick Kenton.

Terry Wogan with Pudsey Bear





















Photos from Marie Phillips, no reproduction without permission.

The photos include Children in Need organiser, Marie Phillips with Terry Wogan and Pudsey bear.

These date from the mid 1990s, and were taken on the ‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’ set in Studio C at Pebble Mill.

Marie Phillips adds the following information:

‘Terry Wogan was a Trustee of Children in Need and went round the Regions in the weeks prior to Appeal Night and asked particularly to meet each Regional Co-ordinator. He was very supportive and very appreciative of our work.

 I told him that there were 90 calls on my answer machine from potential fundraisers, waiting to be dealt with. He was amazed and although I didn’t hear it, apparently on his next day programme he expressed his astonishment at “Marie in Birmingham having 90 calls in one day”. He was very friendly and interested in what we did. I am not sure if he did appear on Good Morning.’

Ainsley Harriott – Good Morning with Anne and Nick

Photo from Kathryn Shuttleworth, no reproduction without permission.

This photo of celebrity chef, Ainsley Harriott, was taken on the set of ‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’.  Ainsley was one of the resident experts on the live, morning show, which ran from 1992-6, using Pebble Mill’s Studio C.

The photo was taken with a panoramic camera, being demonstrated on the morning magazine show.  They were left on set at the end of the show, and Kathryn kept them safe.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Murray Clarke: ‘A lovely man. What you see is what you get! Great chef to work with. I worked with Ainsley on location shoots only (not in the studio). One programme saw him dressed as Superman on a bicycle to secretly cook dinner parties for hosts with zero culinary talents – and then to pop out of the kitchen at the very end to reveal the truth to the amazed guests!!! ‘

Denny Hodge: ‘I worked with Ainsley on ‘Ready Steady Cook’ we had great fun.’