Call My Bluff 1996

Call My Bluff VB1











Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

This is a production and presentation team photo of Call My Bluff from May 1996.

Included are: Ros Holness (Bob Holness’s daughter), Clara Hewitt, Jane Hudson, Veronica Butt, Caroline Marshall, Sue Williams, Richard Lewis, Helena Taylor, David Weir, as well as presenters Sandi Toksvig, Bob Holness, and Alan Coren.

Thanks to Ronnie Butt for sharing the photo.


Call My Bluff 1997

Call My Bluff 1997 VB












Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Thanks to Ronnie Butt for making the photo available.

The photo dates from 1997, and was probably taken at the end of the Call My Bluff series for BBC 1 Daytime.

Included left to right are:

(seated) Luisa Prosser, Helena Taylor (producer), Alan Coren (presenter), Ronnie Butt, Royston Horsley ?, Bob Holness (presenter), Dougie Parker (warm-up), Sandi Toksvig (presenter), David Weir (director)

(standing) Lizzie Compton, Sue McConkey/Williams (red jumper), Dave Walters (just to the right of Sue), Roger Sutton (vision mixer), poss John Cooke, Kirsten Jones (sound, in blue top behind Helena), poss Roger Guest, Gill Thompson, Di Lester (to the right of Bob Holness), Paul Woolston (camera, just after the ‘Bluff’ on the background), Dave Wilkins (camera, under the ‘U’ on the background), Toby Horwood (camera), Jane Taylor (holding Bluff card), Sue Russell (red shirt, black jacket), poss Pete Eggleston, Sue Johnson, Michelle Furey (next to last on right).

How many VT boys does it take to move a Quad?

Photos from Mike Bloore, no reproduction without permission.

These photos were taken at the switch off of the last Quad suite at Pebble Mill, circa 1984.

Pebble Mill’s Videotape Editors were a group of highly trained and skilled professionals – but there were some problems where even they had to resort to brute force! PAs sitting on top of 2″ Quad machine I suspect made the task to shifting it slightly harder, but a whole lot more enjoyable!

Included are: Mike Bloore, Nigel Evans, Ian Collins, Jim Gregory, Steve Critchlow, Chris Glover, John Burkill, Brian Comley, Jon Parker – and sitting atop – PA Sue Williams.

The following information was added on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Ray Lee: ‘It is an Ampex VR2000, VTB Cubicle and on the 6th photo you can just see through the marley door into VTC which is clearly equipped at this time.’

PAs Leaving Party & Rum Punch 1998

PAs Leaving Party 17 Dec 1998

PAs at Rum Punch 1998

VT at Rum Punch 1998




































Photos from Jane Mclean, no reproduction without permission.

The photos were taken at the Leaving Party for the Pebble Mill Production Assistants, as they took redundancy in 1998, and at Rum Punch which took place a couple of days later.

The first photo includes: Andy Rutter, Paul Scholes, John Cooke, Jim Cleland.

Second photo includes: Anne Varley, Jane Mclean, Sylvia Lloyd, Sue Williams, Linda Flavell. (In the background: Dave James & Geoff Moore)

The third photos includes left to right: Ray Lee, Dave Rhodes, Mark Ray, Gurpi Saini (kneeling), James Allen, Nigel Evans, Mark Davies, Ian Collins, Keith Brown, Robin Szemeti, Adam Harvey.

Thanks to Dave Bushell, Paul Vanezis, Mark Ray, Ray Lee, Stuart Gandy and Jane Mclean for identifying those in the photos.

PAs’ Leaving Party – photo by Sue Robinson












Photo by Sue Robinson, no reproduction without permission.

The photo was taken in the BBC Club bar in Dec 1998, when the staff Live Production Assistants left Pebble Mill. They include, left to right: Sue Williams, Jane Mclean, Anne Varley, Sylvia Lloyd.  The stop-watch cake was a very good idea!

Jane Mclean adds the following information: ‘The only thing I can tell you about it is that it was THE BEST PARTY EVER. And that not just from me!’