Pebble Mill at One – Verona trip – Photos by Ian Collins

Photos by Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

The photos show a ‘Pebble Mill at One’ location trip to Verona, in Italy, in 1985.  Presenters Marian Foster and Bob Langley are featured, along with director, Tony Rayner, producer, Clare Stride, and production assistant, Jane Mclean.  Also pictured are Vision Supervisor, Ian Dewar, Engineering Manager, Gordon White,  Cameraman, Dave Ballantyne, and Electrician, Phil Vaughan. Ian Collins was on VT, Roger Ecclestone was producer, although he isn’t pictured in the photos.

The trip included shoots in Milan, Lake Garda, Lake Como, and Verona.

Jane Mclean remembers the trip: ‘This was the famous trip where we interviewed Armani who lived in an all-white apartment and whose spotless white wall was left with a biro mark along it thanks to yours truly… Oh my how we laughed!’

Thanks to Roger Slater, Jane Mclean, Dave Bushell and Stuart Gandy for adding additional information.


King and Company – photos by Gail Herbert

Photos by Gail Herbert – no reproduction without permission.

King and Company was a series produced at  Pebble Mill by  executive producer John King.  It featured wildlife cameraman, Simon King (John’s son) on wildlife filming assignments with different celebrities.  It went out in 1988.  The featured celebrities included Wendy Richard, Liza Goddard, Mark McManus, David Essex, Toyah Willcox.  The filming subjects included deer, dormice, frogs, salmon, and golden eagles.

Gail’s photos show filming taking place, and the crews involved.  Gail was the production assistant, Tony Rayner the producer.  The cameramen include John Couzens, Alan Duxbury, John Williams, Dave Evans, Keith Froggatt, sound recordists include Alex Christison and Tony Wass.

Sebastian the Golden Eagle

‘Pebble Mill at One’ Running Order 1981 – David Short

Here is a running order that I kept from my first day as a trainee camera assistant at Pebble Mill. I had arrived from the training dept at Evesham and reported for duty on Monday, 21st September, 1981. I was taken up to the floor where the old bar used to be, to meet the crew (led by Keith Salmon) who were playing snooker before rehearsals began. “Landed on my feet here”, I thought!!

David Short – Cameraman at Pebble Mill from Sept. 1981 until May 1985 (when I transferred to TV Centre)

(The producer of this episode was Stephanie Silk, the director Tony Rayner, and the PA probably Jane McLean)

'Pebble Mill at One' - Running Order

Pebble Mill at One

Photos by Ian Collins, Jim Gregory and John Burkill, no reproduction without permission.

These photos show various memorable episodes of Pebble Mill at One, and date from 1974 with the drag racing shots.  Notable amongst them are the studio camera which has fallen off the curb and smashed lens first!  Also included are the American College band performing on the front lawn, the arrival of a Harrier jump jet over Pebble Mill, the landing of a Royal Navy helicopter and Tom Coyne interviewing at the front of the building.  There are also a number of photographs of location shoots for Pebble Mill at One.  The skiing ones are a shoot by producer Tony Rayner.

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Harrier over Birmingham