Pebble Mill at One – last episode, 1986

photo by Mel Stevens, no reproduction without permission


This photo of the last episode of Pebble Mill at One in 1986, features left to right: TV chef Michael Smith pouring the champagne; Magnus Magnusson; Josephine Buchan; Paul Coia; Jan Leeming; Marian Foster; David Seymour; John Eley (the Cooking Canon); David Freeman (from Radio Oxford); and Bob Langley. The floor manager in the foreground is Debbie Hood.





2 comments on “Pebble Mill at One – last episode, 1986
  1. There has never really been anything in the BBC Birmingham area to match the magazine format of Pebble Mill at One. All credit to Pam Armstrong and Maggie Whitehouse . How about ‘The Mailbox at one ‘ ha ha

  2. I enjoyed working at BBC Radio Birmingham from 1973 to 77. Colleagues included Les Ross, & Celia Marks amongst others. In 77 I joined Radio Television Hong Kong, then moving into PR with Duty Free Shoppers who were delighted for me to keep broadcasting as a Freelance as well. I stayed in Hong Kong until 1993. I ended up here in East Sussex spending over 26 years in local politics with East Sussex County Council & Wealden District Council. I was also Chairman of East Sussex Association for the Blind. Some will recall I had an artificial eye from a childhood accident. Now fully retired! Would love to hear from former colleagues.

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